Technical SEO.

The broad subject of SEO has hundreds of ranking factors, including technical SEO.

People get a bit confused when technical SEO is mentioned. It’s an extremely important but often neglected field of optimisation that concentrates on factors that, unlike what’s visible on your website, are normally hidden from view.


Make sure Google indexes all of your great pages. Technical SEO keeps search engines in the loop as your site grows.

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Structured data

Get the search features you need for your online business. Technical SEO means structuring your data using recommended schemas.

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Optimised performance

Speed and performance across platforms matter. iZurch monitors and repairs performance, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Built for Google. Technically.

Your website has two sides, one that you and your visitors see, and the other that is only seen by web browsers, search engines and their crawler bots.

When a new website comes online or when new pages and content are added to an existing site, crawler bots swarm in, check everything and report back to Google on how best to index and rank your page.

As good as Google is, it still needs help. Neglect technical SEO and you run the risk that the bots won’t follow the correct path through the site, because it hasn’t been clearly defined for them.

Technical SEO verifies that all background data is structured in a way that gets pages indexed fast and ensures great ranking potential.

Technical SEO from iZurch helps you:

  • Keep your site performing at it’s best
  • Be indexed effectively by search engines.
  • Appear in great search features using structured data
  • Stay secure with up to date security updates
  • Improve usability and experience
  • Increase ranking potential

Technical SEO for peak performance.

Technical SEO isn’t just about optimising your website for robots. It’s important to make sure human visitors can navigate your site and that performance issues don’t turn them off before they’ve had a chance to get to the meat of your content.

Long load times, broken links and general poor experience are enough to make site visitors bounce off and never look back.

At iZurch we use site monitoring tools (and good old fashioned humans), to test sites for performance and experience issues over multiple platforms.

We simply don’t let errors and breakages affect user experience or search performance, because we search and destroy all bugs before they become a problem.

Site security.
It’s kind of a big deal.

We make sure your site’s security is renewed, configured and watertight.

You don’t need to know a lot about cybersecurity to know that big danger signs plastered over your website isn’t a good look. Ever arrived on a website just to have your web browser flag a big security warning? Search engines and web browsers take a dim view of websites that don’t conform to the latest security standards.

We know how important having valid security certifications in place is and what can happen when they expire (a death warrant for your site’s traffic. And yes, site owners let this lapse all the time).

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