Competitor Analysis.

Knowing your competitors is key.

Competitor analysis from iZurch is all about learning what you can from their SEO efforts and capitalising on that knowledge. iZurch’s data capture and analysis tools allow us to identify and inspect all of your competitors, and deconstruct every aspect of their search strategy to inform your own SEO success.

Find competitors

Who really competes for your desired keywords? Identify your main competitors vying for search stardom.

Avoid pitfalls

What works for businesses in your sector and, crucially, what doesn’t? Competitor analysis let you chart their historic activities for your own benefit.

Discover their metrics

How much traffic do your competitors get? Which keywords do they concentrate on and which have they neglected? Our data tools know all.

Knowing is half the battle.

Competitor analysis is all about building up a solid foundation of research into your competitor’s online activities in order to make your own SEO strategy as robust and effective as possible.

While this can be done organically (the old fashioned way – manually checking every website you want to analyse) iZurch’s data capture and analysis tools make this process instant.

And because your competitors never stay still, neither do we – all of our data updates as they do, meaning there’s nowhere to hide.

Competitor analysis from iZurch helps you:

  • Know who all of your competitors are
  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • See how they perform on key metrics
  • Discover what activities they concentrate on
  • Stay up to date with their changes

Get even more insight.

Keep your enemies closer…

We go further with our competitor analysis. Our tools help inform your decision by revealing hidden statistics about your competitor’s website and activities. How much traffic do they get per month, and which keywords contribute most? Do they capture search features and if so, how many? How are their links and listings doing?

All of this data and much more can be sent directly to you, letting you see their metrics and chart your progress.

See also: Market research, SERP analysis

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