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Market Research.

Do you know what your customers are thinking?

Market research for SEO is about discovering what matters to your customers and targeting those search terms. Optimisation is only as good as the research put in to guide it - discovering the keywords that generate the most search volume and targeting the ‘rich coal seam’. We carefully plan and capture the search features or local listings that have the most potential for generating high quality, organic traffic.

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Understand your audience

We aren’t mind readers, but we’re close. Our data capture tools give us a direct line into what people are searching and how they find businesses like yours.

Outmaneuvering Competitors

Outmanoeuvre competitors

Get an up to date feed on your competitors activities. Find out what they’re focusing on, whether it’s SEO, social media or PPC.

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Make smart decisions

Target the activities with the highest potential for growth. iZurch shows you where the highest audience volume is and how to capture them.

Forget the scattershot approach.

Strike with laser-focus. At iZurch we help businesses drill down into the exact needs of your audience. Rather than compiling a broad list of keywords and search terms, we show you exactly where the best potential for capturing hearts and minds is.

Discover niches underutilised by your sector and bag easy wins by tapping into live search data and industry-leading market analysis.

Market research from iZurch helps you:

  • Understand your customers better than ever before
  • Identify emerging trends
  • Stay ahead of competitors
  • Emerge in front of new audiences
  • Be confident with decisions
  • Uncover what’s changing and when to pivot

iZurch is all about the now.

Trends, terms and keywords are always changing with time. While some businesses stay stubbornly stuck in the past, iZurch is all about the ‘now.’

Our research is based on data that is literally up-to-the-minute and based on real, demonstrable audience activity.

Forget research methods of the past that rely on stilted focus groups or surveys – our analysis comes from data that is always current, honest and valuable.

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