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Social Media.

Social media acts as a funnel for traffic towards your website.

Social media is a vital part of directing eyes towards the great content you host online. The more eyes on your pages, the more your engagement increases, the more Google sits up and takes notice. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your social channels are visible, optimised and publishing appealing material regularly.

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Bums on seats

Great content on your social channels intrigues your audience and makes them interested in the content on your website – just where you want them.

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Expand your reach

Get your message in front of new audiences. Social media is a great tool for connecting with customers you haven’t met yet.

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Increase brand trust

Customers expect businesses to maintain a healthy social media presence. It signals transparency, accessibility and great communication.

Social signals for search success.

Search engines take “social signals” into account when determining how to rank your website. A healthy social presence with an engaged audience ready to like and share your posts = more confidence that your brand gives people a good experience.

iZurch not only makes sure that your website is getting all the good karma it can from your social channels, but we also research the kinds of social content your visitors want to see, create engaging material and generate buzz.

Social media from iZurch helps you:

  • Generate social signals
  • Get your profiles included in relevant search features
  • Grow brand confidence
  • Get in front of new audiences
  • Improve your visibility on social channels
  • Increase your brand footprint
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Social channels are search engines too.

Optimise your social channels.

There’s no doubt that Google is the daddy of organic reach, but don’t underestimate the power of social media for discoverability. More and more people discover the brands they love through social – so making sure you’re in the room is more important than ever.

iZurch knows how to optimise social profiles so they appear when potential customers search for your products and services, and the types of social content that will keep them on board and engaged.

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