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Keyword research.

The first and most fundamental step in any SEO campaign: keywords.

These are simply the search terms that people use to find businesses like yours. Figuring out what people are typing into Google is a big part of any search strategy as it informs what kinds of actions will be required to boost your website’s rankings.

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Up to date

Our data capture tools tap into live search data, meaning we can see exactly what keywords your intended audience use.

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Rapid analysis

Keywords are numerous and constantly changing. Don’t take the slow approach – we analyse hundreds of keywords in seconds.

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Right on target

Don’t spend huge effort on keywords that yield very little traffic. We show you which terms will net you the big wins.

Choose your keywords wisely.

Your keywords will vary depending on your sector, products, locations, relevant trends, and a myriad of other factors. That’s why it’s important not to guess or take a shot in the dark at this fundamental stage, but rely on real, live search data like the kind iZurch can provide.

Our tools let us tap into the search terms used by millions of people daily, and can unearth valuable gems still undiscovered by your competitors. Get more organic traffic than ever before by understanding what people search for.

Keyword research from iZurch helps you:

  • Find out what your intended audience searches for
  • Increase organic traffic 
  • Identify the real opportunities for growth
  • Avoid wasting effort on low-value keywords
  • Discover new topics and niches to develop
  • Connect with a new customer base

Topple your competitors with smarter SEO.

Don’t let competitors funnel valuable organic traffic away from you. Keyword research unearths the kinds of search terms your competitors dominate.

Our analysis tools then reveal the perfect formula for stealing the crown, turning their audience towards your business. Then it’s on to maintaining keyword domination.

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