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Content Marketing.

Content that is engaging, insightful and valuable.

Content marketing turns the humdrum into an unforgettable experience, making your audience pay attention to your message, stick around longer and remember your brand. You’re reading this right now, right? How often do you normally read the text on SEO websites?

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Rise above the rest

Give your audience a reason to be passionate about your brand. Speak their language and lodge your message in their memory.

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Increase engagement

Create experiences they’ll love. Keep your audience engaged with your website, social channels, e-shots and printed material for longer.

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Win in the search results

The most recent Google update (known as the “page experience update”) prizes great content over everything else. Feed the beast and win on the SERPs.

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Content is king.

Search engines are now focused on audience engagement as the primary metric to determine performance. Great content keeps your audience’s attention and makes them engage more. They stick around longer on your website (instead of “bouncing” – exiting the page almost immediately).

The longer they stick around, the more search engines take notice. They know that higher engagement means people like your brand and what you have to say. Your site gets pushed up the rankings, leading to more organic traffic and a larger audience. It’s a win-win… win situation.

Content marketing from iZurch helps you:

  • Keep your audience’s attention
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Increase brand engagement
  • Rise up the SEO ranks
  • Make your brand more memorable
  • Increase brand love

Content crafted to help you win.

Great content isn’t just about throwing any old thing online. It’s about using data to discover what your audience wants. iZurch’s data capture tools allow us to read the pulse of the Internet, identifying trends and the types of content that will make your site popular.

We tap into live search data to find out what your audience is looking to discover and the search terms that will lead them to you. Then we craft engaging, custom content designed to hit all the right spots.

Give the masses what they crave.

Nobody wants to stare at a wall of text full of jargon and boring business-speak. Audiences turn off as soon as they see another humdrum page that looks the same as the rest. The second they get bored, they “bounce”, leaving the website before you ever have a chance to get your message across.

Great content is made to intrigue, inspire and delight. It doesn’t necessarily have to “sell” anything, it’s simply designed to attract audiences and once they’re in, keep them for longer. Things like videos, interactive experiences, articles, blogs and infographics get people motivated to stay involved with your brand and ultimately, helps drive profitable customer action.

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