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Analytics & Reporting.

Jargon. Numbers. Statistics.

The stuff of nightmares for some, a walk in the park for nerdy-types (which we just happen to be). iZurch makes your online growth measurable, easy to understand and convenient. With verified, accurate data and regular reporting, getting the facts on your stats has never been this easy. Our bolt-on service, iZurchOne, brings together all of your important metrics into one view and presents it all in an easy to understand visual format.

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Verified data

We only use verified SEO and web data capture tools that we know and can demonstrate to be accurate.

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Regular reporting

Easy to understand, customised reports sent to you every month. Looking for something more real-time? We can do that too.

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We spell it out

We translate geek-speak into English. We’ll analyse your analytics and tell you what’s going on.

We crunch the numbers so you don’t have to.

Straightforward setup tailored to your activities. Whether you’re trying to get the word out to a larger audience, track purchases in your online store or understand your visitor’s behaviour across different channels, we can set up, monitor and report on the data points that add real value.

Simply define your goals and we take care of the rest.

Analytics from iZurch helps you:

  • Monitor your search visibility
  • Track visitor behaviour
  • Compare your visibility, traffic and growth with your competitors
  • Identify opportunities and plan your next move
  • Discover areas to target for improvement
  • Improve market insight

Verified Data. No Bull.

You can trust our analytics.

Make decisions with confidence. All of our data is verifiable at the source and viewable by you at any time. We continually evaluate data for accuracy and know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Our validation process means you’ll never receive unreliable stats as a result of implementation errors, polluted traffic or overzealous server pings.

Get the competitive edge.

Gain a direct feed in your competitors.

Our data capture tools are good. Good enough to discover what’s on your customer’s (and competitors) minds. Using live search data we can help you make predictions about trends, identify opportunities and focus on the areas your audience are most likely to engage with

Want a direct line into your competitor’s activities? Our data tools can show you where rivals are focusing their attention – meaning you can make agile decisions. See their traffic, search performance, PPC spend and much more.

See also: User support

iZurchOne, putting you in control.

At iZurch, we take all those beeps, clicks and pings, bring it all together and present it into one easy to follow dashboard.

No more logging in and out of your separate social media platforms, email campaign reporting, Linkedin and Google Analytics (that’s if you can actually remember all those passwords).

Our bolt-on service, iZurchOne, brings together all of your important metrics into one view and presents it all in an easy to understand visual format.

Introducing your data dashboard.

Know it all, at the touch of a button.

iZurchOne gives you up-to-the-minute data and analytics, wherever you are. Track your campaigns and monitor live data from multiple channels, all on one powerful, easy-to-use dashboard.

See the results of social media campaigns, track referrals to your website, monitor site usage statistics and gain valuable insight into your audience’s interests and in-market behaviour.

iZurchOne’s Data Dashboard collects and presents live data from key platforms and gives you a direct line to your metrics that help you visualise KPIs, track business goals and understand your audience.

iZurchOne’s data dashboard works with

  • Web analytics
  • Goals & conversions
  • Audience demographics
  • Keywords and SEO
  • Search queries
  • Social media statistics
  • Paid advertising metrics
  • Video views
  • Call tracking
  • Email marketing
  • Sales
  • Reviews & feedback
  • And much more…

Share and track data with your team.

Work together, smarter.

Your real-time data control centre works for your whole team. With multi-user functionality that works across devices, your key players can stay informed and up-to-date in the office and on the go. Easily output dashboard views as PDFs and create reports.

Share insights and schedule regular email updates for your team. iZurchOne’s Data Dashboard works at every level of your business to keep you and your team aware and informed.

Display your data with live TV feeds.

Create your own live data screen.

Project your Data Dashboard onto your display surfaces and show real-time data loops. iZurchOne makes it simple to display beautiful, configurable data feeds and insights.

It’s easy to manage too—no need to install any additional equipment or applications.

Analytics and Reporting in Digital Marketing

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